Corporate and project financing
      Project management
      Budget review and adjustment
      Operational appraisal
      and assessment
      Organisational development
      Introduction of management tools (CRM, MIS)
      Interim management
      Drafting of management agreements
      Business analysis, concept
      and positioning
      Quality management
      Employee management
      Innovation and feasibility check
      Corporate & operational
      strategy implementation
      Benchmarking for business planning
      Business model development & adaptation
      Development of corporate policy
      Positioning &
      strategy consulting 
      Development of sustainable tourism concepts
      Change management 
      Community-based tourism development
      Product & service innovations
      Customised team coaching
      & training
      Supervision of cross-border projects 
      Assembling & facilitating working groups
      Feasibility studies
      Guidance for private-public partnerships
      Project management from planning to evaluation